Refillable Empty Ceramic Balls Water Filter Cartridges

Refillable Empty Ceramic Balls Water Filter Cartridges High quality empty refillable cartridge can be used to fill different media,including resin, granular activated carbon ect., for the application of softening, iron removing, filtration and so on.
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Lanlang Refillable Empty Ceramic Balls Water Filter Cartridges


Lanlang RWC-REP refillable cartridge can be filled with any filtration media of your choice for water filtration purposes (Ceramic Balls, DI Resin, Polyphosphate, Activated Carbon, KDF media etc).


1.Size: 10";

2.Operating Pressure: 6 bar (90 psi);

3.Minimum Temperature: 2℃ (35F);

4. Maximum Temperature: 45℃ (113F);

5.Gasket: silicone;

6.Body: PS;

7.Post-filter: PP.


1. Clear casing is another benefit, because you know what is inside.

2. The cartridge is equipped with preand post-filters preventing media from being washed out.

3. Fill with your choice of water filter media and inserted into it. When the media is exhausted, you can empty, refill and insert back into your 10"/20" housing instead of using disposable filters.

4. For the use of water, it can be equipped with activated carbon rods, granular carbon rods, resins, ceramic balls, mineral balls,KDF and other materials.



Depending on media used.Popular in aquatic, domestic drinking and window cleaning water applications.

1. Taste and odour reduction;

2. Scale prevention;

3. PH correction;

4. D.I. (deionization).


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