Refillable Empty White Water Filter Cartridges

Refillable Empty White Water Filter Cartridges Refillable empty white water filter cartridges can be used with carbon, resin, kdf or any other media. Made from high impact polystyrene to withstand continuous usage and media changes.
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Lanlang Refillable Empty White Water Filter Cartridges



Refillable RWC-RED empty white water filter cartridges that fit into standard filter housings. These cartridges can be filled with your filtration media of choice in order to create a filter cartridge that is custom to your specific needs.Using refillable water filter cartridges is a more economical solution compared to buying standard ready-to-use water filter cartridges.


1.Size: 10";

2.Operating Pressure: 6 bar (90 psi);

3.Minimum Temperature: 2℃ (35F);

4. Maximum Temperature: 45℃ (113F);

5.Gasket: silicone;

6.Body: PS;

7.Post-filter: PP.


1. High quality;

2. Made from safe and approved materials for food contact;

3. Possibility to fill the cartridge with any filtering media;

4. Cartridges is equipped with sponge pad and plastic disc, preventing media particles from being flushed out;

5. Simple installation.

6. For the use of water, it can be equipped with activated carbon rods, granular carbon rods, resins, ceramic balls, mineral balls,KDF and other materials.



You can fill it with various media to meet your needs:

1. Polyphosphate(siliphos) for scaling and corrosion control.

2. Activated carbon and KDF media.

3. Activated Alumina for fluoride removal

4. Lanlang ceramic balls for pH increase and addition of minerals to potable water supply.


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