10 Inch Standard Refillable Cartridge

These cartridge shells are designed to be filled with GAC for use within standard 10” housing/filter systems. They can be washed and reused at the time of replacing the media within – providing an economic means to filtration for your entire home.
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10 inch Standard Refillable Cartridge

The GAC Cartridge (Granular Activated Carbon) is simply carbon in the form of granules. This increases the surface area available for absorption of the unwanted chemicals within your water supply.

Carbon filters employ a high grade carbon with industry-leading surface area allowing for the greatest efficiency of the carbon absorption. Higher surface area extends the life of the cartridge, maximising time between cartridge refills.

Note: These cartridges can be purchased either with or without the GAC media within.

And this cartridge fits our 10” housing allowing you to fill and refill the cartridge with the media of your choice (available in our bulk section) Some of the options include:

Mixed Bed Deionization Resin

Usually used after a RO system to produce 99.99% pure water.

Cation Resin for Hardness Reduction

Use to remove calcium and magnesium, this material is good for mild water hardness, if you have moderate to severe hard water, we suggest getting a dedicated water softener.

Anion Resin for Nitrate Removal

Used to remove tannin and nitrates.

Iron/Manganese Sand

Removes dissolved iron, reducing rust stains in sinks, tubs, and toilets.

Siliphos Anti-Scaling Media

Prevents build up and removes scale from copper pipes, water heaters and appliances, improving their efficiency.


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