10 Inch Water Softening Filter Cartridge

Water Softening Filter Cartridge is Ideal for people with Hard Water and Caravaners.
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Ion Exchange Water Softener Cartridge Reduces Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese & Iron. Contains food grade cation resin to soften water by physicochemical process known as Ion Exchange.

Provides 400 to 800 Litres of soft water before regeneration of filter, depending on the degree of hardness in water.

Regeneration of resin is done with common table salt. Flushing instructions included.

Cartridge can be recharged over & over up to 2 years.

For best performance it’s recommended to have a sediment filter before the Ion Exchange cartridge.

Recommended for drinking water systems with a flow rate of 2 Lpm, but can be used on higher flow rates for other applications.

This cartridge will fit all standard 10″ filter housings.

Water Softening Filter Cartridge

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