11inch Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter

antioxidant alkaline water filter cartridge
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Are you drinking right healthy water? Do you know how to drink antioxidant alkaline water?

Let me tell you the benefit of drinking antioxidant alkaline water.


Toxins are the number 1 cause of aging and are often the result of poor diet, pollution, stress, and inadequate hydration. Toxins can grow in your body and damage cells, leading to premature aging. One of the best ways to detoxify is by simply drinking water designed for the body and its efficient waste process. Our water hydrates like no other, it is also loaded with antioxidants, so you can be sure that your body receives the good and discards the bad.

The function of antioxidant alkaline water filter

antioxidant alkaline water filter



Fight against the aging process with the antioxidants present in Natural Alkaline Water.

Without sounding very scientific, ORP is used to measure the level of oxidants or antioxidants in a liquid.


A healthy body is an energized body. The most talked about "side effect" among those who drink our water is an increase in energy. Cells are the foundation of the body and when the foundation is healthy everything else is. Most people feel the difference in energy level after a week of using Lanlang antioxidant alkaline water filter.

Your body will begin to reduce the high Acid Index to which you are exposed daily and will begin to renew itself.
Feel Better!

Our extra product service:

1. ALK+ effect (PH,ORP,TDS) test report ;
2. ALK+ lifetime test data (6,000liters);
3. ALK+ materials safety certification;

4. ALK+ packaging customization design;

5.Besides the premium premium, we also provide technical sercice and excellent after sales serice.

If you have any question,we could provide solutions.

Pakage and application:



alk 用途

If you need more details of alkaline water filter, welcome to contact us.

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