Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filter Cartridge

Lanlang Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filter Cartridges Alkaline Water has a higher pH level than plain tap water. It can neutralize acid in your bloodstream, boost your metabolism and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Alkaline water can help prevent diseases and slow the aging process. It also helps slow bone loss.
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Benefits of alkaline water:

1. Adjust the acid-base balance of the human body-By adjusting the acid-base balance of the human body, the alkaline water can reach the optimal state of the human body.

2. Activate human cells-alkaline functional water, with small water molecule clusters, strong solubility and penetrating power, easy to enter the inside of cells, and can promote human metabolism and waste discharge.

3. It improves the symptoms and diseases and assists the treatment-it has a good effect on relieving functional constipation, and promotes gastrointestinal motility and metabolism. Alkaline water can neutralize excessive gastric acid, promote the repair of gastric mucosa, and improve gastrointestinal diseases.

This water filter cartridge product is used after the RO system.It has kinds of function media(the ceramic balls) to raise PH value of water.And reduce ORP value,release natural minerals etc.It is a competitive and hot sale product.

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