Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge for Reverse Osmosis

Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge Post filter for Reverse Osmosis and Water Purification offers premium filtration medias that emit Far Infrared Rays, Increases PH value and give water a Refreshing Mineral Flavor!
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Product Details

Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge

ORP ceramic ball:

  1. ORP: -150mv — -500mv

  2. Alkaline correction: pH 7.0 — 9.0+

  3. Mineral release: K, Ca, Na, Mg, Zn, Se,Sr

  4. 1.5 times active ingredient than Hydrogen water ceramic ball

Negative ion ceramic ball:

Discharges a high capacity of Negative Ions

Negative ion release: 1000-3000cm3

Microporous antibacterial ceramic ball:

  1. Anti-bacterial effect: >96%

  2. Organisms adsorption & colorremoval

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