Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Hydrogen Reducing ORP Filter

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Lanlang Anti-Oxidant filter

makes ORP(oxidation reducing potential)water between
-150mv _ -300mv depending on source water condition andmakes Alkaline drinking water (PH 8.5-9.5).
Removes bad smell, taste, bacterial, fungi, organic pollution in water. Contains inorganic minerals for goal healthy body(Ca, K, Na, Mg). Increase water of natural healing ability & immunity.

Filter content materials ; natural tourmaline ceramic ball, high fineness activated carbon, ORP magnesium coated mineral ball, antibacterial silver ball.

Effective purification capacity ; 6000-7000 liters

Replacement cycle ; 12-13 months. * Type ; 11",

Lowering of oxidation reduction potential(ORP)

Rising of hydrogen ion concentration(PH)

Increase of oxidation resistance

Make ionization water for quite healthy body

Removes oxygen free radical(O3) which is a harmful factor to health.

Mg +2H2O - Mg(OH)2 + O3 (oxygen free radical) - H2O(water)

The generating reasons of the "Oxygen free radical" ; stress, cigarette, liquor, smoke, ultra violet rays radiation, exhaust gas, virus, medicine, blood circulation obstacle, oxygen breathing.

Utilization of antioxidant alkaline hydrogen reducing water ; For drinking 1-2 liter daily, When cooking food, tea for original taste and flavor, For skin beauty, flowers, pets. For increasing immunity and medical treatment.

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