Antioxidant Alkaline Filter Cartridge

Lanlang® ALK+ filter is an inline cartridge for reverse osmosis systems with a various of ceramic balls and coconut shell charcoal media. ALK+ filter is capable of increasing the pH value after RO system up to 8.5~9.5 and reducing the ORP value reach to -150mV ~ -300mV, which also can improve the odor and taste. ALK+ filter replaces lost minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion from the RO process and restores these minerals back into the pure water.
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The human body continuously generates free radicals in the human body due to continuous contact with the outside world, including respiration (oxidation reaction), external pollution, radiation exposure and other factors. Scientific research shows that cancer, aging or other diseases are mostly related to the production of excess free radicals.Meanwhile,some studies proved that the alkaline environment is unfavorable for the development of cancer cells.

That is why we should use an antioxidant alkaline filter cartridge product.

It has many functions and can help us get more healthy drinking water.

It can offers you the best solution for top 5 potable water problems which shown in picture below:

antioxidant alkaline filter

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