Carbon Filter Cartridge

The carbon filter cartridge is fitted with a large high quality activated carbon. This carbon is the highest quality commercial carbon available.Premium carbons are available in coal or coconut shell and are acid was for a balanced. The GAC cartridge has great utility for general water purification operations, pre and post R/O, and drinking water filtration.
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How Does It Work?

Activated Carbon has an ability to bind up and remove organic and inorganic materials.The process is commonly described as Adsorption – as distinct from absorption.

Carbon filtration is used successfully in industry for filtering water, the removal of fine insolubles from water, to remove metal and chlorine compounds from domestic water. Carbon filtration is also used to control biological contamination in water; some carbons are manufactured with a very fine internal pore space, in some cases as small as 0.1 microns, capable of not only removing bacteria but viruses as well.

We choose different carbons for different customer needs in order to provide the best suited activated carbon elements to our customers.A single kilogram of activated carbon has a surface area equal to 125 hectares.

carbon filter cartridge

How Long Does It Take To Fully Wet The Carbon?

In short – 24 hours. This is the time required to displace all of the air in the pores of the carbon, the water will taste best when all the air is displaced and all the water which has absorbed that air is flushed from the system.

Flushing is best achieved by firstly allowing water to gently and completely fill the filter then surging the system by fully opening and closing the water supply in short second long bursts to displace any carbon fines and air bubbles trapped in the element.

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