CTO 5 Micron Carbon DI Cartridge

Lanlang Carbon Filters available for RO/DI applications. It is finished with pre-filtration wrap, end caps and gaskets. Because Lanlang filters are produced by continuous extrusion; they have very small tolerances for defects.
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Lanlang CTO 5 Micron Carbon DI Cartridge

Features and Benefits:

1) No release of carbon fines: Extruded filter elements do not release activated carbon particles ("gray water") during startup or operation. Extensive flushing or "activation" of extruded filter elements are not required. Some GAC carbon filters will release carbon fines even after the filter elements have been in service for an extended period of time, resulting in contaminated sumps and plumbing and a non-sanitary condition.

2) No channeling, fluidizing, or bypassing: Extruded filter elements cannot channel, bypass, or fluidize because extruded carbon is a rigid structure that prevents movement of the adsorbent particles or the formation of channels and defects in the adsorbent structure. GAC filters consist of loose beds of particles that are often loosely packed into a non-rigid plastic tube (you can often hear the particles move when GAC filters are shaken). Bypass of the carbon is common because the plastic container often expands away from the carbon when under pressure, leaving a sorbent-free zone. At sufficient flow, the entire bed will fluidize and the integrity of the adsorbent bed will be lost. GAC filters cannot be operated in a horizontal arrangement because the carbon will settle, leaving an open channel along the top of the filter.

3) Low pressure drop: Water flows through an extruded filter element in the "radial" direction (from the outside of the filter element to the inside). As a result, the entire exterior surface of the filter is presented to the incoming fluid, not just off one edge of the filter as in most GAC filters. This results in nearly fifteen times more pre-filtration surface area and a much lower flow "density". In a GAC filter, a fluid flows at high velocity through the entire length of the filter, often about eight (8) inches of carbon. In an extruded filter element, the fluid flows slowly through only the thickness of the filter's wall; often less than an inch. While the contact time between the fluid and carbon are basically identical in both cases, the extruded element displays almost ten times less pressure drop when the adsorbent particles are the same size.

Dimensions: 9.87" x 2.5" x 2.5"

CTO cartridge

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