Deionized Water Filter Cartridge

DI (deionized) water is the pure water with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or without TDS. It could be used in the variety of domestic and industrial areas (such as laboratory, electronics, car or window rinse, aquarium, etc).
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Product Details

Lanlang In-line DI cartridge works without need of any additional housing. Offers you a convenient way to get ultra pure salt free water(deionized water).


Height: ;10''

Inlet/outlet port size: ;1/4'' or 3/8''

1/4“ or 3/8'' easy to connect push in fitting connection for easy connections to existing RO or Filter fitting and hose.Can easily be connected to residential RO systems.

Filter Media: The nuclear grade mixed bed resin; it could remove the residual TDS that RO membrane could not remove.

Test Data



Excellent for laboratory use, window cleaning and car washing, photography, aquariums etc, where ultra pure water is, aquariums etc, where ultra pure water is required.image

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