Efficient Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter

efficient antioxidant alkaline water filter (Easy Installation with Quick Connect Fittings included)
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Did you drink healthy akaline anti aging mineral water? You just need to contact with Lanlang corp for ask a efficient antioxidant alkaline water filter. We call it ALK+.Then you can enjoy a better life. Please check our product photo;

antioxidant alkaline water filter

BENEFITS of efficient antioxidant alkaline water filter

• Antioxidants are considered beneficial because they slow the chemical process of oxidation or aging.

• These electrodes are made of the finest quality materials in the world which means a lifetime of reliability and worry free maintenance.

• Provides twice the peace of mind by eliminating harmful impurities while keeping beneficial minerals required to produce alkaline water which neutralizes acidity in your body.

• State of the Art technology programmed to adjust the pH based on your source water eliminating the need to calibrate the machine.

• Takes the guesswork out of knowing when to replace your cartridges.

• No Cleaning or Maintenance required

make it easy for you to improve the pH level that you need for drinking, cleaning, or using as an astringent to beautify the skin.

• Easy Installation with Quick Connect Fittings included.Takes minutes to install.

ALK+ efficient antioxidant alkaline water filter dimension;


If you need replacement antioxidant alkaline water filter, welcome to contact Lanlang corp.We'd like to provide best product and service to you.

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