Hydrogen Water Filter Cartridge

InLine Hydrogen Water Filter Cartridges Hydrogen-enriched water is not only clean, it has hydrogen and energy, and water is a small-molecule living water mass. The negative ions absorb 80% of the deep, purify the blood, make the blood flow, exuberant metabolism, prevent various diseases, and improve human health.
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As we all know, the human body is composed of cells, and ultimately human diseases can be attributed to cell damage, and human aging is also caused by cell aging or necrosis. The main culprit causing cell sickness or aging is excess oxygen free radicals.

Hydrogen water filter cartridge can help improve hydrogen in water to H+ 200ppb.

And it has many other functions.It has media for alkaline,antioxidant,antibacterial,etc.

When the ORP ball(antioxidant media) is soaked in water, the water molecules will be broken down, and a large amount of OH- ions will be generated.

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hydrogen water filter cartridge

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