Inline Filter Cartridge For Condensate Equipment

Inline filter cartridge for condensate equipment is formulated with ORP ceramic ball,negative ion ceramic ball, Microporous antibacterial ceramic ball, all natural minerals to naturally enhance and revitalize your water. You can put the bag antioxidant to the filter, it could boost activation and activity in your water as well as essential minerals needed by human bodies. Also it can raise PH value to 7.0-9.0 in the water, which is close to neutral or weak alkaline.
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Inline filter cartridge for condensate equipment

inline filter cartridge

This inline filter cartridge can be used in condensate equipment.

There are two applications in this usage:

1. The waste water discharged from the condensate equipment is acidic, and direct discharge is not allowed in some countries. This product can help to treat the waste water to neutral or alkaline, so that it meets the discharge standards.

2. If the water in the condensate equipment needs to be recycled and reused, this product can help to get pure water by water treatment.

Good quality functional media in it make it have good performance.

And we can also offer customized service if you have differnet needs.

Contact us and our expert will provide you professional service.

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