Inline RO Remineralization Cartridge

Inline RO remineralization cartridge. A multi-functional high-quality water treatment filter cartridge. Contains high-quality water treatment ceramic medias. Improve water quality from different aspects and obtain more beneficial water for the human body. Widely used, easy to install, and cost-effective. For more information, please see the following.
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Inline RO remineralization cartridge

RO machine is a kind of internationally popular reverse osmosis filtration method, which pressurizes raw water, uses physical principles to filter, removes some impurities, and then adds no compounds to produce pure water machines that can be directly consumed by humans.RO water is pure reverse osmosis water, but it does not contain some of the natural minerals that the body needs daily.

One of the functions of this RO remineralization cartridge is that mineral ceramic medias can be used to add natural mineral ingredients to RO water to make our drinking water healthier.


Basic parameters:

ModelLanlang® ALK+
Life time6000 liters
Maximum flow4 LPM (1 GPM)
Maximum pressure120 PSI
Max temperature100 ℉ (38 ℃)
Min temperature35 ℉ (2 ℃)
Burst pressure500 PSI
Customized size8"/9"/10"/12"


♦ Gross weight: 540g per piece

♦ Package: 25 pcs per carton(G. Wt: 15 kgs/carton)

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