PP Melt Blown Filter

10'' 5 micron Pre Filtration Melt Blown Sediment PP Water Filter are often used in pre-filtration.
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Lanlang WFC-PMB sediment filters remove dirt, sand, rust, grit, and other suspended matter from water.Offered in residential sizes, our sediment filter cartridges can be used with most standard filter housings and as replacements in existing systems or assemblies. Lanlang sediment filters can be used as pretreatment to residential RO systems or as a stand-alone whole-house filter to protect piping and appliances from damage and buildup of dirt.


1. 100% high purity polypropylene (melt blown), no adhesives

2. High dirt holding capacity and low pressure loss

3. Many connections(DOE, 226, 222 End caps)are available

4. Wide chemical compatibility, various micron ratings(1um to 100um)

5. One piece construction, up to 1524mm(60”)


1. Pre-filtration in process water treatment industry

2. Clarification for waste water treatment

3. Bottled water, wine, beer pre-filtration in food and beverage industry

4. Pre-filtration before RO system in electronics process water

5. Organic solvents, inks, plating solution, metal cutting, fluids, photoresist filtration



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