PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

PP pleated filter cartridge is used to reduce dirt, sand, silt, scale and rust particles.This sediment filters can treat water with high flow rates and low pressure drops. On top of that, their unique design offers exceptional dirt holding capacity for all whole house applications. Pleated design to maximizes dirt-holding capacity and to extend the time period between changes or cleaning.
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Product Details


Dimensions: 10/20 inches

Sediment Reduce Rate : > 90%

Filter Medium: Polyester

Inner Core: Polypropylene

Maximum Operating Temperature: 55℃


Whole House Water Cleaning

The pleated filters intercept all sands from raw water so there are no sands entering the water pipes in the house, which protects water lines as well as the faucets to prolong the lifespan and provide pure water for you.

Under Sink Water Filter

You will no longer have to clean the strainer of faucets every month if installing this filter. All you need to do is change-out the filter regularly. Great for removing grits, clay soils, sands soil and iron scales, etc.

Extend Lifetime of Household Equipment

It can be as a pre-filter to remove the most of sediments from raw water before which entering the follow-up water treated system, such as the water softening process or other filters. And it improves efficiency of softening or other in line filters including the refrigerator filter and ice filter.

"Green" and Water Saving

Rainwater/rainfall collected from the roof can be filtered and used for watering your garden, flushing toilets, doing laundries, washing cars, showers, washing dishes, or swimming water in pools.

This whole house water filter adopts food-grade polypropylene filtration media. It can effectively remove chlorine, taste and odor and contaminants, including all large particles and sediment. Our premium material and design are committed to providing you with tasty and healthy filtered water.pp pleated filter cartridge

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