Pre-filter For Reducing Sediment In Water

If you are looking for pre-filter for reducing sediment in water, Lanlang® PSW String Wound water filter cartridge is suitable for you. Lanlang® PSW pre-filter works in a mechanical way and removes sand, fine suspensions, corrosive products, impurities washed away from the surface of hydraulic installations and fats.
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1.Solid cartridges are made of one piece of material for high strength and durability.

2.String-wound cartridges are made of material that is wound tightly together. They have a sheet of filter media between the layers of string for greater debris-holding capacity than other string-wound cartridges.

3.Polyester and polypropylene cartridges are more durable than paper cartridges.

4.Long-Life Filter Cartridge for Reducing Rust, Particles, and Sediment in Water.

5.Replace your cartridge less frequently—these capture large amounts of debris for long service life. Use them in a filter housing to reduce contaminants in your water line.

6.Ensure plating materials are free from contaminants with these polypropylene cartridges. They have excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Use them in a filter housing.

7.Cartridges with 99.9% filter efficiency are also known as absolute-rated cartridges.

More specifications available

Dimensions: 2.5”X10”, 2.5”X20”, 4.5”X10”, 4.5”X20”

Micron Rating:1µm, 5µm, 10µm, 20µm, 30µm, 50µm,

Operating data: 5℃ to 75℃ (41℉ to 167℉)

Material:100% Polypropylene yarn

Packing Style:


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