RO Filter Cartridge

There are kinds of RO filter cartridge products in Lanlang.One of it is ALK+ alkaline water filter cartridge.This product has good performance and diverse functions.Details are showen in below.
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RO filter cartridge

Now people pay more and more attention to drinking water safety. Many families will choose to use RO water purifiers. The pure water produced by the RO mechanism is fresher, healthier and safer than the bottled water. It has a wide range of uses: you can drink it raw or boil it. The most prominent feature in this regard is the kettle or electric thermos It will not scale; pure water is used for cooking, which is more hygienic and more delicious; bathing with pure water can remove impurities on the skin, moisturize the skin, and play a natural beauty effect; it can be provided to humidifiers, steam irons, beauty The water required for small appliances such as instruments will never appear to be annoying white powder; used with an ice machine, the ice cubes made are crystal clear.

ALK+ RO filter cartridge can reprocess the pure water from the RO machine to increase the PH value of the water. It also has the functions of anti-oxidation, antibacterial, adding minerals, and removing odor etc.Use this RO filter cartridge can get more healthy alkaline water which is good for human body.


Packing type

Single Size


Carton G.Weight


Cellophane Seal


25 pcs/carton

15 kg/carton


Box In Blank


20 pcs/carton

13 kg/carton




20 pcs/carton

13 kg/carton

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