Spot Free Water Filter For Car Washing

This spot free water filter is an inline water softening filter cartridge with nuclear grade mixed bed resin.The main effect is water softening and water deionization.Can produce pure water and ultra pure water.
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Product Details

spot free water filterThis inline spot free water filter is an good quality water filtration product.It can solve the problems with hard water.You may have had many bad experiences because of hard water.

Like the spot in the porcelain furniture,window,glassware,car and other things that may leave water stains.

If you are upset about this problem,we recommended you to use spot free water filter.

Its media is good quality mixed bed resin,a polymer which with ion exchange function.It can exchange its ions with the same kind of ions in the solution.

We have many years professional experience in this kind of media.Trustworthy product quality.Just leave you inquiry and we will send more detailed information to you!

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