Water Filter Cartridge For Aquarium

DI resin water filter cartridge for aquarium.With top grade mixed bed ion exchange resin.Can be used in aquarium,laboratory, window cleaning and car washing, photography etc.Refillable and color changing.
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Water filter cartridge for aquarium

This is one of our water filter cartridge products which has good performance in water purification.

Medias in this product is top grade DI mixed bed ion exchange resins.

It could remove the residual TDS that RO membrane could not remove.

The following are the parameters of one of them:


Flow rate





Temperature/ ℃

Resin quantity (L)


(10ppm TDS as CaCO3)






5000 L

Working principle:

The deionization process uses two resins that have opposite charges – the cationic (negative) and the anionic (positive). Cationic resin contains negatively charged sulfonic acid groups, pre-charged with hydrogen ions. This resin attracts the positively charged ions in the water (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, etc.) and releases an equivalent amount of hydrogen (H+) ions. Anionic resin contains positively charged ammonium groups. It is pre-charged with hydroxide ions. This resin attracts negatively charged ions (Fluoride, Chloride, Sulfate, etc.) and releases an equivalent amount of hydroxide (OH-). The hydrogen and hydroxide ions then combine to form water. (H+ + OH- = HOH or H2O.) The color will change as the resin is exhausted.

Our water filter cartridge for aquarium is clear so you can see when the resin is depleted and it's time to replace the cartridge. It is also refillable.

In addition,it also can be used in laboratory, window cleaning and car washing, photography etc.


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