Anti-Scale Water Softening Filter Cartridges

Anti-Scale Water Softening Filter Cartridges Hard Water contains dissolved minerals in the form of Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and Iron (Fe). Removal of these minerals is accomplished by softening the water through an ion exchange process using water softening filter cartridge.
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Lanlang Anti-Scale Water Softening Filter Cartridges


Lanlang WFC-WSC water softening filter cartridges suitable for POU (Point of Use) and POE (Points of Entry) installations. Through its accurate media consisted of cation-based exchange resin, WFC-WSC cartridges diminish water hardness by reducing calcium and magnesium concentration. In case your feed water contains a high concentration of suspended matter, WFC-WSC cartridges are commonly preceded by a Sediment filter to avoid a detriment of the cartridge performance.


1. Length: 10/20inch

2. OD(Outer Dia.) 2.5 and 4.5inch,ID(Inner Dia.)28mm

3. Max.operating pressure: 80psi

4. Max.Flow Rate: 2.5GPM

5- Shell Material: polypropylene

6- Inside material: Resin

7- Flow rate: 600 LPH (10inch)


1.Water Softening Resin Cartridge for External Dishwasher Softener

2.Reduce/Remove: Hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese etc.

3.Fit for all kinds of standard filter housing 

4.Use instead of GAC filter as second or third stage



●  Pre-filtration for RO system

●  Solvents, selected acids & lyes, chemical industry.

●  Semiconductor, Electronic industry ultrapure water system

●  Food and beverage

●  Oil and Gas industry.

●  Pharmaceutics

●  Paints, coatings and plating solutions

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