Brass Sediment Water Pre Filter

Lanlang brass sediment,it’s high efficiency to removal rust and sediment, has premium quality and long service life. Protect the water device at the source.
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Product Details

Lanlang brass sediment water pre filter, remove virtually all types of sediment, including shale, shell, debris, pipe scale, and sand/grit (course, fine, and very fine).

Product Data


Product Details


1. Professional craft, lead-free copper

2. Brass sediment water pre filter is one-piece plastic coated filter, more thorough filtration, no dead angle filtering.

3. Humanized sewage splash cover.

This brass sediment sand water pre filter is mounted after point of entry water source,ensure your family having clean and fresh water supply. It can remove sediment such as dirt, sand, silt from water pipelines, then prolong the life of your household water appliance.


Work Principle

When working normally, the valve is closed, the filtering area is large, and the water flow is large. And when cleaning, the valve opens to remove impurities instantaneously.


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