Brass Water Pre Filter with Metal Mesh

Lanlang brass water pre filter with metal mesh, is designed to install in main water pipeline and used to filter and clean water before distributing to house supply. It ensure your family having clean and fresh water supply
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Product Details

Lanlang brass water pre filter with metal mesh, it blocks rust, sediment and all undissolved impurities above 40 micron size, zero reduction in water pressure, output pressure will be same as input pressure.

Product Data


Product Details


1. Stainless steel filter, large flow characteristics to meet the needs of the entire house.

2. Brass water pre filter with metal mesh is free of flushing, cleaning is more convenient and timely

3. Thickened transparent shell, anti-pressure explosion-proof, let the impurities clear at a glance.

This brass water pre filter with metal mesh is the first step filter for complete house to increase life and performance of all water related equipments, including Taps, faucets, Showers, RO, Washing machine, Geyser etc.


Work Principle

When the filter needs to flush the retentate, the water flow is reversed manually or automatically by adjusting the filter's own reversing multi-way valve, so that the raw water flow flows from the clean water side of the filter to the raw water side to achieve the goal of back flush. 


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