Whole House Brass Water Pre Filter

Lanlang whole house brass water pre filter, it blocks rust, sediment and all undissolved impurities above 40-60 micron size, zero reduction in water pressure, output pressure will be same as input pressure.Housing material is European standard Aerospace Engineering transparent Polycarbonate
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Product Details

Lanlang whole house brass water pre filter, is designed to install in main water pipeline and used to filter and clean water before distributing to house supply. 

Product Data


Product Details


1. The whole machine is forged in copper, PC explosion-proof cup body, safe and intuitive.

2. Whole house brass water pre filter has corrosion-resistant filter, not easy to rust in complex water environment.

3. Gradual welding technology, stable and easy to fall off.

This whole house brass water pre filter can remove visible solid impurities and parts of harmful chemicals substances of pipeline, basically have rust, sediment and algae, colloid and so on, it play a positive role in protecting pipeline, faucets and appliances.


Work Principle

Working conditions can remove macromolecular impurities. Rotating valve for cleaning, very convenient. 


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