Back Flush Inline Water Pre Filter

Lanlang back flush inline water pre filter , it is aFull brass water pre filter, Whole body brass product can work at complex environment of arctic district, high temperature or high pressure water. The first protection walll of the family inlet water pipe.
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Product Details

Lanlang back flush inline water pre filter takes considerable workload off finer filters that follow behind it; helps create a multi-layer gradient filtration system for better filtration results and longer filter life.

Product Data


Product Details


1. Double 316 stainless steel filter screen remove virtually all types of sediment.

2. Back flush inline water pre filter is high standard professional lead free production process.

3. Full brass shell material can withstand high water pressure and high temperature water.

This inline nickel plating brass water pre filter effective remove sediment, rust, blood worm, hydrone and other harmful substances. Speed installation,save your time. Can be installed in your shower head, dishwasher,  washing machine and so on.


Work Principle

A large flow of water flows through the filter, impurities cannot pass through the filter, and then settle down. Open the drain valve and rotate the button in any direction to sweep away the dirt by the siphon formed by the water flow.


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