Water Pre Filter with Manometer

Lanlang water pre filter with manometer can remove rust, prevent the injection of foreign particles, e.g. rust particles, horticulture and sand grains.The pressure relief prevents pressure damage and reduces water consumption.
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Product Details

Lanlang water pre filter with manometer can remove rust, sediment and algae, colloid and other solid impurities of pipeline, protect pipeline, faucets and appliances, extend their life.

Product Data


Product Details


1. Reduced pressure regulation function, precise control of water pressure through the pressure adjustment knob.

2. Water pre filter with manometer comes with 1/2” or 3/4” or 1” connector, to fit different faucet and pipe fitting, please choose the appropriate one for your application.

3. Medical SS316 mesh ensure high flow of water while filtering contaminants.


This water pre filter with manometer has precise water pressure gauge can effectively prevent pipeline leakage or wading appliance damage caused by excessive water pressure.

Work Principle

During work, particulate matter in the raw water cannot pass through the sieve and thus collects. Backflushing can clean these deposits efficiently. 


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